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What We Do

Plain and simple, as a Registered Investment Advisor firm, we offer wealth management, financial planning, and investment advice in a fee-only, fiduciary engagement.

This means we’ll never push any particular products, or accept conflicting commissions from others. We are compensated only by you, in a clear and transparent manner. We report only to you, our client. Our duty is to help you see past all the financial chatter, so you can concentrate on building durable wealth according to your individual values, interests, and lifetime pursuits.

Who we are

Advisor firm founded by Kyle Roney focused on a partnership, attainable goals and understandable language.

Kyle established Troika Capital in 2010, initially in Athens, GA, before relocating to Atlanta in 2015. Then—and now—Kyle wanted to help others who were embarking on their own promising careers, and seeking to find quality advice.

Making it Personal

Are you
looking for…

  • An advisor who will talk with you, not at you, with personalized attention no automated provider can touch?
  • Someone who listens more than they speak?
  • Celebrates your family’s milestones, shares in your personal griefs, and laughs at your corniest jokes?

We believe the first step is always a conversation. Not a sales pitch.

We want our clients to view our working relationship as a partnership, where each client feels understood and knows your advisor is always in your corner. We will never try to confuse you with over complicated language or smoke and mirrors. We believe confidence in your financial plan and in our partnership is built through authentic relationship, attainable goals and understandable language– all customized to you. Reach out to us today to get started.