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Welcome to Troika Capital

A fee-only, Registered Investment Advisor firm headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia

Has your career journey up the corporate ladder given you investible income, but you aren’t sure what to do? Maybe you’re an entrepreneur who needs someone who understands your goals who can help you create an action plan that won’t distract you from building the business you love. Or maybe you’ve already accumulated some wealth, but never worked with an advisor. No matter the why, we’re glad you’ve found Troika Capital Advisors.

We specialize in (and love) guiding people, those new to financial planning or those looking for a fresh perspective, on their path to building financial confidence.

Kyle with clients

Kyle Roney wants to help others who were embarking on their own promising careers, and seeking to find quality advice.

He was drawn to finance and investing from childhood. He’s managed portfolios for high-net-worth individuals, fulfilling all aspects of financial planning advice to clients and specializing in portfolio management. He’s also worked with small businesses to help implement retirement plans and taken part in several private equity deals designed to raise capital and unite the desires of business owners and investors.